Monday, January 09, 2006

My kids crack me up.

One of the blessings of fatherhood is to find extreme joy in the development of my kids. When the little babies came into the world we had great expectations; like they wouldn't spill any food on the carpet, the car would always be a crumb free zone. Wow, what a reorientation! So what I've found is that my expectations had to be readjusted, but once set they are then bumped again.
So the boys have have been been shaking things up and it makes me laugh, both at their development and at the surprise it brings to me.
Yesterday Moses made a face mask so that he could play "The Incredibles." Asa wanted one too and asked Moses to make one for him. Moses declined. I said, "Moses, why don't you make one for AC?" He said, "It was a complicated process."
I didn't expect this from a six year old.
On Friday I came home late from work. I asked Asa, "how was your day?" He said, "it was a little difficult." What?
These are indicative of other moments when the boys totally amaze us.
They bless us, I hope we bless them.

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