Monday, January 09, 2006

Another lesson for Christmas Day

Good morning! Merry Christmas! Wow! What a day! This is great! We get to be in church and worship and celebrate Christmas all together!

I know you’ve been excited about Christmas morning. Every kid I know loves Christmas morning, even the kid inside of me. There’s presents under the tree and coffee brewing ….well, maybe not coffee for you and funny pictures of mom & dad with funny hair. Christmas morning is wonderful, enchanting, exciting! It has the first raindrop of real joy.

That inner joy you sense, that is hard to describe, the feeling of Christmas morning – did you know that it is from God? It’s a result of Jesus’ birth.

Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds all felt this joy too, almost like a holy “Wow!” For the baby in the manger was God the Son. The creator of the universe brushed the lips of Joseph, nursed from Mary his mother, and listened to the laughter of shepherds. They called him “Immanuel” because God had come to live with his creation, with them.

The joy of our presents will fade, but those who worship the baby in the manger, their joy remains. A holy “Wow!” that changes everything.

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Anonymous said...

weird i got on to see your blog and you just posted five minutes ago. and one more thing you did not lose more hair particles just because I came to Kentucky. but on that note LOSE HAIR PARTICLES!