Monday, January 23, 2006

Super Bowl Pick

For the record, I expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to win Super Bowl 40.

Also- the best game of the play-offs, the true Super Bowl, was in Indianapolis when the Colts and Steelers met - they were the best two teams in the NFL this season.


Matthew N. Hill said...

I only wish my Bills could be there to mess up another Super Bowl!!!

duke said...

I wonder if the Bills and the Vikings will share the same fate, 4 losses and then a drought?
The last chance the Bills had - was the Doug Flutie years. But they made a few bad calls and now they occupy the basement.

The same can happen in life.

Moose said...

Steelers will win, but what si up with all teh media hype behind the Steelers while Seattle I think is palying also but I'm not sure. The games a wash, but I will be enjoying the game at home. (I do that so I can watch the commericals, does that make me a sinner?)


jonw777 said...

Seattle 31 - Steelers 21

duke said...


How can you abandon a middle america team to believe in the left coast?
This isn't just about football, it's sociopolitical.
Here we'll see who really leads the country into the future - the industrial steel makers, or the Starbucks juiced computertechno's.
Maybe you're right.