Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ski Trip

This past weekend 26 fine young people along with 6 adults made the short journey to Perfect North Slopes (near Cincinnati), to do some talking and living theology. The talking happened as we discussed dogma and orthopraxis, the living happened as we shared in community and engaged God's creation on the ski slopes of Perfect North.
As always, our group is highly regarded by those who watch from a distance. We're blessed.
We're blessed with a staff that engages, encourages, and seeks to build one another up in the faith. We're blessed with students who have a fantastic desire for God and who thirst for the deeps springs of God. Just as they are willing to take new risks on the ski slopes, they are willing to move beyond the bunny slopes of faith, to embark on the journey that will last beyond this lifetime.

We're also tired - at least I am. There's a blessing in that too.


Moose said...

I hope the ski trip went well. I guess by the "highly regarded" remark that the boys keep their clothing on at all times this trip? I'm still upset we don't have pictures of that.


duke said...

some were not able to ski the whole time with shirts on - it was a very warm day.