Monday, March 27, 2006

Pastoral Prayer - March 26, 2006

In our scripture today Luke (18.31) tells us that Jesus took the disciples aside to speak with them privately. As we prepare for prayer it is proper for us to view this work as a drawing aside to be with Jesus. Here in this time Jesus shares himself with us, as we share with Him. We want to lift up D.K. and his family as they mourn the loss of Dale’s dad. We want to rejoice that A.H. is home and recovering well after surgery. We want to pray for our church and our world.
We’re going to sing again and if you’d like to come to the altar to pray know that you are welcome. It is Jesus who seeks us, and who will meet us as we pray.

Into the quietness you called your disciples Jesus, to hear from them and to share your heart. You shared about your mission, yet they did not understand. We must confess that we too are like James and John, Andrew and Peter, Thomas - we hear your words but they don’t penetrate our hearts. We see your great and mighty deeds, we behold the beauty of your creation that you and the Father have created, we see your faithful life and we lack faith. Forgive us Jesus, pray to the Father on our behalf.
As we have drawn aside this morning send the Holy Spirit to create in us ears to hear and hearts to receive your instruction, your encouragement, your admonition. You are the source of our Salvation we are thankful for the sacrifice you made and that by your death and resurrection we have a great hope and love has real significance.
Today Jesus in love we pray for D.K. and his family - we pray that you would comfort the hearts that mourn the death of a father.
In love we pray for loved ones that are far from your fold. As we approach Easter we pray that there would be a movement in hearts that are cold or uninterested. We pray for our church, for churches in our neighborhood and around the world that we may be faithful in delivering the good news.
In love we pray for families that know discouragement on this day. We pray that in you they would receive the gifts of confession, forgiveness, hope, and love.
We are thankful for your active work in our midst, for your healing power that is at work in the life of A. H.. For healing the disappointments of life, and for not wasting our experiences. We often see the wounds we bear as troublesome, needing to be set right. Give us the eyes to see that these may be ways to bear in our body your marks, your suffering, and ultimately your holiness.
Hear our prayer Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Hear the prayers of those in this place, and those assembled around the world, from those in great cathedrals to mud huts, to wide open spaces. To your glory and honor, now and forever we pray. Amen.

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