Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Katrina Trip

Last week, 11 teens and 4 adults of which I was one, went to Pass Christian, Mississippi for a week of work on the recovery effort after Hurricane Katriana. The picture above is one of the many houses we saw. We did some work cleaning the fence row on this house with the neighboring landowners.
There are plenty of things that I'm reflecting on from this trip.

  1. gnats and their bites
  2. people from all over the country converging for the rebuilding effort
  3. the major player in the volunteer rebuilding effort being the church
  4. the plethora of work yet to be done
  5. the extreme examples of good and evil (people are being taken advantage of by dubious contractors)
  6. the job supply is great - if you're in the need for work, head to the south
  7. the generous and hospitable spirit of those we encountered
  8. the service with a smile that the young people from WFMC take with them
  9. the directing by God for our work and the events of the week
  10. the people we worked with, Lynne, Beth, William, Blake (a builder at the age of 10), Gordon
  11. The Miracles that God is doing, in the lives of people, in the lives of a community, in the life of the church

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