Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What you don't want to hear and see at Graduations and Weddings

In the past two months I've been to some weddings and a High School Graduation.
There are within these experiences two marker points that could indicate choppy water ahead.

At a wedding one does not want to see wedding cake being smashed in the face of the bride or groom. My sister informed me that those who partake of this little jot into smearsville have a significantly higher probability of divorce (or as I say it, deevorce). When I mentioned this insight to a perceptive young lady she quipped; it's like a little dig, a little sense that my respect of you isn't very high, here's a little something "in your face."
I think she's right. Cake in the face is a sign of danger behind and ahead.

The air horn has moved from the semi-truck to the bleachers of graduations. When those with a GPA that exceeded 4.0 walked the stage to receive their diploma there was a smattering of applause. There was less enthusiasm than the American populace have for the Soccer World Cup.
But move past the high GPA'ers and every now and again a student would walk the stage and you thought they landed on the moon. Horns went off, family screamed like the house was on fire.
The question in the front of my mind was: do these folks think this is their highest achievement? Is this their highest goal? Is this the end of the road for their educational/learning career? My questions seemed to carry their own answers - yes.

So here's my thoughts on two things you don't want to see or hear - You don't want smeared cake on your wedding day, and you don't want to hear an air horn at your graduation(s). The presence of those two things probably indicate some pretty mean water that just may require the presence of a life preserver.

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