Monday, August 07, 2006

Pastoral Prayer - August 6, 2006

The song that we're singing speaks a straightforward truth; in the presence of Jesus, all things are given their true weight, their true importance is revealed.
Sometimes it is disclosed that we have given great importance to lesser pursuits. Yet when there are real needs who can we turn to but the one who delivers? When true joy delights our heart we are compelled to turn our eyes upon Him. He is our redeemer and our song.
In this time, we turn to Him.
We turn to him on behalf of our world, those we love and ourselves.
For our world, let us pray for those who make decisions about peace in the Middle East.
For those we love, let us continue to pray for A. McRoberts. A. is the mother-in-law of B.A. Freeman McRoberts. She had an aneurysmsm and went into a comma. Recently she came out of the comma and is showing some signs of responsiveness and improvement. We need to pray for her healing. We also need to pray for B. and her husband M.. They moved to Lexington for M. to attend Med School at UK. Those plans are being put on hold. They are also looking for someone to rent their house.
For Pastor Daryl, ________________
For our Church board we need to ask the Lord for wisdom. They heard a presentation from the Building Team this past week and are seeking the Lord as to what direction our church should extend itself in mission.
We're going to sing once again and as we do, if you have a praise or prayer request that you'd like to bring before the Lord at this altar please come. . .

Please lift up your prayers with me . . .
The Psalmist has cast our words before our being (Psalm 116), "I Love the Lord for he heard my voice,"
O Father of all creation, O Christ of marvelous redemption, O Spirit of Adoption, Eternal God, upon You we rest and rejoice. Upon You we turn to in times of trial, trouble, and sorrow. You have been gracious to us. You have been full of compassion and righteousness; you set our hearts to rest and our feet to dancing.
How can we repay you Lord, for your goodness to us?
May you glory in our songs, and in our worship. May the offerings we bring extol your wonder.
May the vows we make be fulfilled for your glory.
Grant to us a righteous and compassionate heart so that those with whom we deal will be blessed with your presence.
Deliver us from the damage of vows unfulfilled and broken, both to you and to our neighbor: our brother, our sister, our father, our mother.
Grant to us we pray, the joy of hearing your voice, even as we pray that you hear ours.
On this day in the history of your world, conflicts rage between nations and people groups. We ask that your Spirit would guide those who make decisions about peace and war. We pray that into the midst of their thoughts, discussions, and decisions Your Spirit would bring the reconciling work of Jesus. We pray that you would deliver us from evil. We pray that you would enable us to pray for our enemies. We pray that our soldiers would be emboldened to act with justice and mercy. We especially remember those serving in theaters of conflict; K. Spond, P. Munoz, K. Barnard, ___________ and their families. May you grant to them the favor you gave to Caleb and Joshua?
We lift up those who serve the Name of Jesus who are in foreign lands. Give them strength and joy in their labors. Grant to your people a vision to be messengers of the reconciling work of Christ wherever they may be. We think of the Ur's as they are arriving in Hong Kong, Karen Roller and Pam Hiatt in Cambodia. As we pray for them, let us pray for the person on our right and our left, that they too may be Christ's ambassadors.
We pray for those who need your healing presence; for A. McRoberts, Pastor Daryl, ____________, and __________________.
For those who need your healing, in mind and soul we also pray.
In silence we lift up the needs of our own life

Thank you for hearing us. Thank you Father for speaking with us; your arms of care and righteousness are present. We sing with the angels, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of Host; heaven and earth are full of Your Glory.
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen

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