Monday, May 21, 2007

Children’s Lesson – Mother’s Day

Mother's Day – May 13, 2007

Conspiracy of Kindness: Love as a Mother

Text: Isaiah 66.12-14 (sermon), Exodus 2 & 6 for kids

Visual: Guy on the front of the Bulletin

Today is mother's day. I hope you have something fun or nice in mind for your mom. Moms are great people, we all have one and we need to celebrate the life they've given to us.

For some time now, we've had this funny looking guy on the front of our bulletin – kind of makes you think of a secret service agent – someone who guards the president; or maybe a spy or something. This guy is linked to Pastor Daryl's theme of us being involved in a "conspiracy of kindness".

It's a perilous thing to link the word conspiracy with mothers, but we have good reason to do it because of the mothers in the Bible.

Moses' mom, for example, her name was Jochebed (Exodus 6.20), acted with a great deal of secrecy – she hid Moses' birth, and his life for 3 months. When he was getting to big to hide in her house she made a basket, or a little boat for Moses to float in the Nile, then she picked a location and a plan for the sister to watch the basket.

Moses' mom would have made a great CIA or FBI agent. She had a lot of tricks up here sleeve, and they were all employed to help Moses' survive.

Jochebed went to great lengths to save her son, because she loved him. With that great example of love we hear God saying, that's how great I intend to love my people.

Celebrate Mom's day. Don't be too surprised if your mom has a few tricks up her sleeve too – all there because she loves you. – Let's pray.

Lord, thank you for mothers, for the life they've given to all of us. Bless them this day. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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