Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Time for Everything, for staying and for going.

This past Wednesday I read the following to the students at Wilmore Free Methodist Church.
It was hard to read and hard for them to hear. We know how deeply they love us.
The church in Wilmore is good. Thanks be to God.
A Time for Everything
Ecclesiastes 3.1ff – “There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens . . .
A time to be born and a time to die,
A time to plant and a time to uproot . . .”
There are seasons in life, much like seasons of the year. For the past five years I, along with Anna and our family, have had the joy of sharing life and the journey of faith with you. We’ve had a good season of life.
Yet as Ecclesiastes says, there’s a time for everything. The seasons change.
This summer is going to bring a change for us, and a change for you.
I’ve been asked to take an appointment as Pastor of the Central Free Methodist Church in Mt. Pleasant, MI. After much prayer, deep soul searching, several conversations with close friends, and with the blessing of the leadership here at WFMC, we have accepted the appointment.
This means that our season of ministry and life among you will be coming to a close.
You need to know some of the following:
· We love you and are grateful that we could share some space in your life.
· We believe in you and hope the best for you.
· We trust that Jesus has a leader for you who will bring added and new dimensions that will be a blessing to you, this youth group, the church here in Wilmore and the community.
· We’re proud of you, watched many of you grow and mature. Many of you are taking up the challenge to be leaders, here in the church and elsewhere in the community. You’re doing that with love and servant hearts, continuing the ministry of Jesus. You’ve caught or are catching the vision of God for your life. In your life we see the evidence of great things.
· We’re thankful for the staff of volunteers that have served along with us. They have been good friends to us and great mentors and guides to you. They love Jesus and many of them will continue to serve in student ministries.
· We trust that you’ll pray for the next leader, support the next leader, and give them the freedom to be and do what God has called them to be and do. You have blessed us by not comparing us to former leaders, bless your next leader the same way.
· Our time will officially end – June 30/July 1, we anticipate starting July 15 in MI.
· You are welcome to come for a visit, e-mail, check out our blog. But know that you’ll need to grow with the new leader, attach yourself to them as you have done to us, let the new leader be your shepherd and guide you in the faith of Jesus Christ.
Once again, know that we love you, care about you, and have been praying for you that the Lord would bless you as you await a new friend and guide in Jesus.


Matt said...

Congrats, Duke!!! There are indeed seasons and only God knows how He chooses to guide and allocate time. May you know His peace as you transition and His leadership as you settle into your new role.


jonw777 said...

We're looking forward to having you back in Michigan! Let us know when move in day is, maybe we can go help.
Jon, Beth & boys.

Sean Pearson said...

Hey Jason,

I had heard you were coming to our neck of the woods, but I had no idea they were giving you Mt. Pleasant. I live just 20 minutes away. Let me know when exactly and I'll help you move in.

Sean Pearson