Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Poem by George MacDonald - "Smoke"

After the prayer Sunday morning I received an e-mail from Dr. Don Joy in which he noted his difficulty on finding in Lewis' writings the quote that is attributed to him in the WFMC worship supplement.
Along with his research he sent this wonderful poem by George MacDonald.
Poem by George MacDonald


Lord, I have laid my heart upon thy altar.
But cannot get the wood to burn;
It hardly flares ere it begins to falter
and to the dark return.

Old sap, or night-fallen dew, makes damp the fuel;
In vain my breath would flame provoke;
Yet see--at every poor attempt's renewal
To thee ascends the smoke!

'Tis all I have--smoke, failure, foiled endeavor,
Coldness and doubt and palsied lack;
Such as I have I send thee!--perfect Giver,
Send thou thy lightning back.

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