Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Wonderful Farewell

On Sunday night, July 1, the people of Wilmore Free Methodist Church gave us a wonderful farewell reception. They gave us words of affirmation, prayers of blessing, and gifts that will be treasured. Anna said, "Our time in Wilmore and the church's love of God and for us will remain in our hears and encourage us in years to come."
We are thankful to God for his people who have loved us so well and loved our children.
We pray for God's blessing and peace for our dear friends at Wilmore Free Methodist Church.


Anonymous said...

Jason, you are a great youth pastor and a great friend. I know God will bless this move and you will be missed at WFMC. Love you man.


Duke said...

Thanks Moose. Let us know what happens with you. I trust it will be great!

Anonymous said...

Jason hope you have settled in and are in the swing of things in michigan. iyc was great. i missed ya'll at family retreat.
andrea t