Monday, December 17, 2007

Recent Reading

I've been reading through Roger Olson's book,The Story of Christian Theology. I've been in the section where Olson describes the Reformation and the theology of Luther, Calvin and others. I take it that Olson is a fan of the reformers, for he seems to write with appreciation for them.
If his writing is on the point - I think I'd join voices with Christopher Hitchens and suggest that "God is not Great." Olson utilizes the word "monergism" to describe the theology of the reformers, instead of using what Wesleyan theologians would depict them as Calvinists. That's a helpful distinction. Monergism, in Olson's depiction, essentially argues that God is not only the creator of all that is good, but is also the creator of evil. That's simply a disturbing proposition.

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