Sunday, January 06, 2008

Foggy and Sunny

As I look out our kitchen window I can't see very far. The temperature has risen well above freezing and the snow is melting, thus creating a thick fog. The woods to the southwest of the house seen to be drawn on a gray background.
Yet, while the fog is outside, inside there is light, and not just from the soon to be discarded incandescent light bulb, there's the light of Christ and His manifold graces. Inside the walls of this house there is abundant laughter, side splitting laughter mostly. We dance, we jump, we can't help but rejoice - for God is Good.
Today we had the reading from Matthew about the Magi coming to the boy Jesus, bearing gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. Surly the gifts reflected their sense of appropriateness for a noble person. The church's reflection has tended to view them as foreshadowing the nature of Jesus and depicting his work. I love the story.
The point that I wonder upon in the story is the depiction by Matthew of Jesus as a Shepherd leader, or we might say - a Shepherd King. That combination of metaphors changes how I see Jesus. It changes how I think of God when we call Him the King.
There is Sunshine on the inside.
Thanks be to God

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