Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cold Wonderful Walk

Yesterday the wind was howling, almost stripping the siding off of buildings, blowing snow through little crevices of buildings.
I awoke early and was ready for a walk.
I went two miles. The first mile I walked facing the wind. My torso was warm, my eyes and cheeks froze.
It was an invigorating walk.
I love the aliveness of the wind and to hear it shake the trees. Their groans remind you that though they look dead and naked without leaves, they are living, surviving and growing on the windy plain.
It was a cold, wonderful walk.


Anonymous said...

Jason, this passage could have become a good begining of a novel. (Sergey)

Duke said...


So good to hear from you.
I trust the new year is bringing opprotunities that stretch you and remind you that it's through Christ alone that we live, and move and have our being.
Proclaim the Gospel.