Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Couple of Pics

Anna has been in a picture taking mood. I'm glad she caught the picture above. The backdrop is at my parents farm near Waldron, MI. The view looks to the south east, out across the back lawn and captures the length of the farm, right after planting. The corn stubble is hiding the newly sprouted bean plants. In the distant corner is the growing corn, with the trees along the fence row and the ditch to the south as a oundry line. The black dirt is what we always referred to as the muck.
I had taken a walk on this morning, not for my health, not to survey the land, but to reconnect, to hear the laughter again of my childhood and to dream for tomorrow. I'm thankful for my sons, Moses and Asa, great sons, whose dreams help to me grow as a parent.
I have often wished that I could give to them a greater portion of the idyllic experience I had. I've come to realize that their experiences are very different from my own, but thanks be to our merciful and loving God, I believe they too may be able to say they had a great childhood. That is our prayer.

Here Anna took a picture of Kyrie and me. Aravis is standing to the side with the John Deere shirt on. Kyrie has just celebrated one month of life. She is growing and her eyes are becoming a clearer blue. She has been giving some smiles.

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jenwortz said...


I'm sure they will say they have a had a great childhood when they are grown because they are loved by you and Anna. And when you are grown you realize love covers up a multitude of sin! Hope to see you guys soon. Love, Sis