Friday, June 13, 2008

Wesleyan Stuff

I grew up in the Wesleyan Church, received my undergraduate education at IWU, and served two Wesleyan churches for the first five years of vocational ministry.  This past week the Wesleyans held their General Conference.    A full report on the conference can be found at:


Keith Drury writes of many significant decisions in the Wesleyan Church; three strike me as profound.  1) The election of JoAnne Lyon as a General Superintendent.  2) Opening up voting at the local church level to community members.  3) Monthly communion as the general practice in worship. 


The comments to Drury’s writing give us the impression that Dr. Lyon’s election is the watershed moment.  There are some who will fret about the loosening of membership standards.  My guess is that the most significant change at the local church level will be monthly communion, and the future of the general church too.


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Anonymous said...

We met a long time ago. I went to youth with Anna way many year ago at Fremont Wesleyan. I am the Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Brockway Wesleyan in Lakeview MI about 45 min from Mt. Pleasant and District Youth President in N. Mich. Dist. It was nice to find your blog and great to see the pics of your fine children. Tell Anna I said hello.

God Bless you all

Dave Hansen