Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweeter Still

A while ago I blogged about a sweet drive I had and I often write about the generous beauty that surrounds us.

But sweeter still are the people that surround us.  As I came back from Manton after conference, I was greeted by the Blankenship family from Wilmore that had joined our family for a visit.  The week after conference we were blessed to spend most of the week at the North Michigan Family Camp in Manton.  What the camp lacks in amenities it more than compensates for in fellowship and joy.  The people we’re around here, our neighbors and the blessed people of Central MI FMC are expressions of God’s grace, goodness, variety and uniqueness.  Sweeter still than the pleasures of creation are the people who enrich our lives with true humanity, laughter and the presence of Jesus. 




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