Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Shack, Financial Peace & The Fort

This week has been blessed. Let's start with today and move backward.

This morning I finished reading the book, The Shack. The Shack has had lots of interest it's also had it's many detractors. I'm not going to be one of them. I loved the book. I loved it so much that I started it last night after we put the kids to bed and finished it this morning - not something that I can usually do.
The shack has taken it on the chin from propositional theologians, but I’ve got to tell you – it’s as stunning as Clark Pinnock’s, Flame of Love. That’s the best comparison I can give to it, it’s Pinnock’s trinitarian theology in narrative, and gripping at that. The problem of evil, which is part of the springboard for the book is still unresolved in some ways – the message Young, the author, would portray God giving to us in response is that evil is a reality in a world of fallen freedom, certainly not his manufacturer, but no evil goes without its redemption. This sense of mystery surrounding God’s response to evil, leads to trouble for many of Young’s reviewers – they want a certain categorical answer, and what they find is the dance of redeeming love. The theology gives large space to persons as free and full and capable of love and evil and of little things as consequential. I’m amazed at the vastness of theology covered in narrative in so quick a read. You can read a more exhaustive review of the book at Greg Boyd's blog.

Another blessing this week was our Financial Peace University class last night. Prior to the class Anna and I did something that we've never done before - create a personal budget. That's not to say that we haven't lived within our means, but now we're working with a plan and we're in it together. Both of us know what's going on.
Added to this blessing was the lesson, #4, on Dumping Debt and watching things click with people in the class. Right now our country is in crisis basically because we accepted debt as a necessity to life. As Ramsey tells it - our Great grandparents thought debt was a sin - may that be recast in us and ingrained in our progeny.

Finally, on Monday we made some more improvements on the fort. The boys are being very helpful and learning more and more some of the great skills of life.

I'm thankful to be living a blessed life.

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Enjoyed your review of "The Shack" Thank you for taking the time to share.

I was not in total agreement with The Shack (I am not in total agreement with several of my favorite authors).Any book that includes conversations with God is bound to receive criticism. How can anyone put words in God’s mouth? But this is one moving book! I smiled, cried, pondered, prayed, and repented as I read ( I have been hurt a lot in churches so I was profoundly impacted.). I read it twice and now listening to the audio. Amazing! Be sure to check out "The Shack Blog and Forum.

I wrote a lengthy review on blog. Please visit.
Robin @ HeartofWisdom