Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall In MI

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Actually, much of the fall has been full of wonder and colorful glory. Today I had a meeting in Big Rapids and I had the privilege of driving through some of the most wonderfully draped scenery, fields ripe with corn and soybeans awaiting the harvester, leaves flush with their final pigmentation and a crisp in the air.
Such a scene served as a tapestry full of grace for the meeting I was to attend. The meeting was good for our souls. It was a meeting with other pastors. We watched a DVD presentation of Andy Stanley's presentation to the Willow Creek Leadership Conference in 2006. His talk proved a springboard to verdant conversation.
Following that meeting I shared a conversation with a former pastor in the North Michigan conference of the Free Methodist Church. Rev. Cash has been retired for many years, yet he continues to read, think, and pray for the church. He and a few others set an example for life that I hope to replicate in my later life, they are desirous of finishing well and they understand that the race doesn't end when retirement happens. We talked about many things and along the way Rev. Cash said, the work of the gospel is a great adventure. That's good news on this glorious day.

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