Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Indian Summer in November

Yesterday, and by the looks of it today, was another beautiful day in central Michigan. In the early morning I stopped by a local watering hole and drank coffee and entered into some conversation with some old timers. The anticipation for today's events is similar to that of pre-funeral preparations. Somber and sullen were most of the fellows, except for a couple of guys who bend their knee to Jesus - joy resides with them.
After some coffee I headed for Alma and some gas. Anna asked me why I went so far? I said, it was a beautiful morning, the sun was bright and fog was filling the low places, it creates a picture that others attempt to duplicate with special effects, but this was real. There continue to be many leaves on the trees and their color, when lighted by the sun is stunning.
The farmers are slowly bringing in the harvest. By most accounts the corn is yielding some fantastic numbers for our part of the country. One farmer yesterday said they had a field that went 220 bushels to the acre.
One sight I saw was a big buck standing in a partly harvest corn field. With standing corn on two sides, he was out in the corn stalks. A magnificent picture.
These pictures of God's grace and beauty are a real help when some of the other events and pictures of the world are less than gracious.


Greg Weinberger said...

Jason, this sounds simply amazing, we had a dry spell here so a lot of the leaves fell before changing. Schoh well. Hope and pry everything is going well.


greg Weinberger said...

RANDOM, ok so I stumbled/re-stumbled across this as I was looking up IYC ran across the northern MI conference cite, the rest is history. Also I left the a out of pray, oops. also my e-mail is gregory.weinberger@asbury.edu I'd like to know how things are going for you up in MI. Peace and love. , PS