Friday, May 08, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Yesterday the Mt. Pleasant Christian Clergy Association hosted a National Day of Prayer event in the city center of Mt. Pleasant.  I was asked to pray specifically for those who serve in local government.  Here is that prayer:


Let us lift up our hearts to the Lord on behalf of our local governments


Almighty God, today we pray for people we rub shoulders with on a consistent basis, many times forgetting they are in our midst.  They are people in our families, our churches, our stores and gathering spots, who have offered up their time and talents to serve in places of local governance.  They serve in places such as:  the county commission, county offices of clerk, treasurer, register of deeds, sheriff, judge, prosecutor, public defender, road commissioners, township officials, city and village councils, mayors, our local health departments, fair boards, library boards, school boards, parks and recreation departments – for these and many more we pray.  

We pray that you would enable us to be encouragers of these servants in good ways, that we might challenge them to noble service.  We ask for them, wisdom in their deliberations and cooperation in their spirits that our community may be a place of peace, a Holy Refuge, and of an expansive spirit that draws out the best of the human ambitions.  

This we pray to Almighty God.  Amen.

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