Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great weekend

The weekend past was wonderful. In the middle of Friday night, Diane and Kathi Leigh Munoz, great friends from Wilmore, KY, arrived at our home. We took a walk through the park system in Mt. Pleasant and the kids swim in the Chippewa River. Then it was off to the fair. On Sunday Diane did the preaching. She's a gifted communicator who encouraged us to let our hearts trust fully in God who is always faithful.
My parents joined us for Sunday dinner. After dinner, departures took place. Diane and Kathi were off to Kentucky. Moses and Asa joined my parents and were off to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.
Yesterday Anna, Aravis, Kyrie and I went to pick the boys up. Before we left the lodge, Aravis, Kyrie and I joined Moses and Asa in the water park. Aravis joined me and we went down all the big slides. Since she had her 4th birthday, her boldness factor has taken another significant jump.
We finished the night off by having dinner with Anna's sister and family.
A great weekend.

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Di said...

KL and I were glad to be a part of that weekend. Wish they could happen more frequently! Yeah Aravis on the big slides - yeah Jason too! Love you all....the Wilmore Girls