Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fair Week

This week the Isabella County fair has been in full swing.
Our boys entered exhibits through their 4-H club. Both entered wood projects, painting projects, and leather craft. Asa entered a Lego project also. Moses put forth a creative writing project and last night participated in the talent show.
Anna asked me if they had a talent show when I was a kid in 4-H. I replied, "I don't have a clue. If they did, I never knew about it."
It was a marvelous display of talent among the young people in our county, singing, dancing, modeling, playing instruments.
Moses played his guitar and sang, "Grace Like Rain," it's an adaption of Amazing Grace. He was great and was awarded an "Honor" ribbon.

Because of Asa's age he's considered a "cloverbud" in the 4-H program. Cloverbuds can enter stuff, even show some livestock, but they don't receive ribbons, nor can they sell livestock.
This was Moses' first year to receive ribbons. He was pleased that on all of his projects he was awarded "A" ribbons.

This was Anna's first experience submitting a project for the fair. Isabella county is celebrating its sesquicentennial (150 years). The county extension office had an idea of taking old windows from an old building in the county and having them decorated and judged. Anna took up the challenge. She bought a window, worked on it, and entered it. Yesterday we saw the sign - she won the adult category. First entry in a fair ever, and she's a winner.

It's been a good week.

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