Tuesday, August 04, 2009

CMFMC Family Camp

I've been asked to give a fuller description of the Family Camp (vbs) that our church in Mt. Pleasant hosted a week ago.

I hope to post a planning document that describes what we did. While the document describes some of our values and what we hoped to do and did do, it doesn't capture the spirit along the way. Here's the link to the document.

What really made our time fruitful were some of the following essential elements:
- Prayer, we stepped out to do something we've never done before. This caused us to pray for wisdom and creativity.
- Faith, knowing that this was new, we had to place our trust in God. It was our calling to be faithful in planting seeds and let the Lord provide the harvest.
- Team work, the plan was developed by a team of people. There were a few adjustments made outside of our team meeting times, but most were made as we met together and hammered out the details. This meant that all of our team leaders had a full perspective of what we were hoping to do and how their individual team would contribute to the whole.
- Simple, as we talked there were many ideas that kept coming into the conversation, however, we stayed focused on being simple and it paid off. Our meals, decorations, teaching and music reflected this.
- Kids first - our plans were based around families staying together, yet with a kids being the primary "consumer". Much like Disney World, Chucky Cheese's, Cedar Point, etc. target kids and teens but has space for parents, we wanted to make this for kids and yet also a place for the whole community. Starting with kids and including everyone else was a tremendous key.
- Communicating our Values to the community. We kept these values before the church and the broader community.
- The weakest part of our week was going into the community, of reaching out. That was not as tight (organized) as some would have liked, but we are willing to have this component so that we communicate what we value.

Finally, we believe that little steps matter, and in the end a bunch of little steps, change significantly where we stand. The Lord is good and He leads us to good places.

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