Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sin, Ancestoral or Original?

Here's a phenomenal article on a very basic question, what's the nature of sin?

One could spend many days discussing the assertions and implications of this article.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I've questioned the seemingly predominant view of the nature of sin, finding the explanations quite lacking. This article contains some important truths. I especially appreciated the perspectives on justice. In promoting the concepts of restorative or biblical justice, I have seen that many of us have a legalistic view of the law (if that makes sense). A more complete view of the law (history, cultures, truth, the spirit, etc) gives a more complete view of justice. And probably vice versa.

Even without sin, I would not be God and would fall short of His holiness. I tend to think that I fall short by my own accord and that the world/mankind (of which I belong) fell short with A & E. So perhaps I'm in agreement with this article?

My dad went to heaven a year ago today. Talking with my mom tonight, I hear that God is still using my dad's life & death to draw souls closer to Him. God is good. I praise Him.
- JonW

Duke said...


Glad to hear you liked the article.
I don't know that we'd fall short of God's holiness per say without sin. Such a notion certainly hangs on how you define holiness. For instance is holiness a moral code? That's how much of the "holiness tradition" interpreted it. Or is holiness the very nature of God. If holiness is descriptive of God's essence in being, then very much Adam and Eve were capable of holiness, in so far as they were made in the likeness of God, fashioned after Him, in his likeness. This is why even those who are sin is so striking, it's an assult not on God's morality, but on the core of God's being, His life, because to sin is to choose death. It can be death of truth, death of a relationship, death of trust, etc. And not until Jesus suffered and died, was death conquered.
In his conquering, this makes possible the extending of your dad's influence. For where the life of Christ is present, life is always present and death is not the victor, not in eternity, which even now we share in.
May all glory be to God, and all grace and peace to your heart as you rejoice with your dad who is beyond the veil and knows fully what we here contemplate.