Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Things I Like about Family Camp

5) Making New Friends and Deepening Existing Friendships.  At Camp there is always new people to meet.  Around the fire, outside the door, or inside the cabin stories are told that reveal aspects of people you've known but the knowing goes deeper.
4) Sleeping in close quarters.  In close quarters you find out who talks in their sleep.
3) Playing the Campers-Pastor's softball game.  The Pastors play, the Campers win.
2) Variety and Verdant worship.  We Free Methodists have a broad spectrum of expression in worship, from a proscribed liturgy at some points, to verging on being full throttle charismatics at others. 
1) A reminder of God's past work with a great expectation of God doing something new, now. 


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