Friday, July 23, 2010

A provocative quote

My Bishop speaking about leadership in the local church at a recent gathering offered the following assessment: 

"We have a historical commitment to democracy, but democracy is inherently problematic for the church . . . it's clearly not right . . . democracy guarantees the right to say rude things.  We need spiritual leadership, not democratic leadership."


Anonymous said...

Provocative & true! I have believed for at least the last 10 years that much of the polity of denominations like Nazarene, Wesleyan, are decidedly unbiblical. If 51% of the membership decide they don't like the pastor or DS he is gone (and most pastors resign if only 10 or 20% give a negative vote). Nope! Not biblical! No way, no how.

I like your bishop, what's his name? And does he have any churches under his charge that are looking for a pastor?


Rich Wollan

bikimdude said...

in order to grow my friend you must say some dumb shit. And contrary to popular belief america is not a 'christian nation' But Vatican City is; I am sure they have a place for those who wish to live in a nation theocracy, and run by pimps of Christ but i don't.but we do need a some form of elevated leadership. I am just not sure the church is what we are looking for.