Friday, October 15, 2010

Prayer Safeguards . . .

Preparing for Sunday I came across a web site that had this reflection from Gregory of Nyssa (330-395 AD)

God will see those who cry to him vindicated.

The divine Word teaches us how to pray, explaining to disciples worthy of him, and eagerly longing for knowledge of prayer, what words to use to gain a hearing from God.

Those who fail to unite themselves to God through prayer cut themselves off from God, so the first thing we have to learn from the Word is that we need to pray continually and not lose heart. Prayer brings us close to God, and when we are close to God we are far from the Enemy.

Prayer safeguards chastity, controls anger, and restrains arrogance. It is the seal of virginity, the assurance of marital fidelity, the shield of travelers, the protection of sleepers, the encouragement of those who keep vigil, the cause of the farmer’s good harvest and of the sailor’s safety.

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Anonymous said...

"Prayer, by reason of its nature, is the converse and union of man with God, and by reason of its action upholds the world" -Saint John of the Ladder

Other Desert Fathers say that we should pray more often than we breathe, I think Abba Anthony the Great was one of them.

May we all be vigilant, with plenty of oil for our lamps,
Tim Smith