Friday, October 22, 2010

Tractor Transformation

Last December some guys from the church and I went to Archbold, Ohio.  On our way back home we stopped at my parents farm and loaded up this D-19 Allis-Chalmers, 1962 model.  I first bought it 1 January, 1990.  Here are three pictures of transformation.   
Aravis & nephew Owen atop the tractor at Roger Brooken's farm.  With Roger's expert know how the tractor that had not started in 13 years, started and motored around.

A picture from the spring.  I changed the snap-coupler hitch to an after-market 3 point and brought the tractor with Roger's disc in to work up our garden.  Kind of a big garden tractor.

After the garden work was done, I took the tractor to a local artist, Pat O'Brien.  Pat created a driving picnic table this summer and has a plethora of steel art work.  He fixed most of the oil leaks, re-shaped the tin, sand-blasted it down to raw metal and painted it - maybe better than out of the factory.  
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BStrong said...

Jason- wow... looks great. Was following along with the progress. He did a great job! Was this the D19 my dad did some work on in the early 90's? I know he had one from out there that he did some lower end work on at one point. What do the kids think of it?

Duke said...

Thanks Brandon.

I don't know if this is the one your dad did work on. Could have been. I'll have to check with my dad.

The kids love it. Moses said - it was worth it. Aravis & Kyrie like to ride it. Asa is looking forward to driving it. He did a little of that Monday night.

Now it's time to think about implements. I might use some of Grandpa Markel's ideas.

I'll do some more writing about the tractor in couple of days.

BStrong said...

Hahahaha... his ideas "manufactured at 107 Carpenter St" Better bring your wead wacker... I bet a few of his inventions are still laying in the weeds.

For sure post a few more pictures.