Friday, February 11, 2011

Seek His Face - A Prayer

This prayer I worked on for corporate worship at CMFMC, January 23, 2011.  I have returned to it several times, finding it says more than I had originally thought.  The Spirit helps us pray.
 The Intro to Prayer -

"Come my heart says, seek His face!  Your face do I seek." Ps. 27.8

These words are penned by David.  They are written in a time of thanksgiving and confidence.  David had found the Lord faithful and his heart urged him to pray - to seek the face of the Lord.  Whether we are in need or everything is smooth sailing, David and our hearts call out to us to seek the Lord.  He is our Help, our Stronghold. 

The Prayer -
Lord God Almighty, as David has described you as a great stronghold, as the one who is always true and reliable, our hearts teach us to seek Your face, to be found within Your living room.  You are our Hope, our Salvation.

As we seek you, some of us are in need of your teaching, your leading

Some of us lead lives that are a tangled mess, our emotions run the length of a football field and we are not as we wish we could be
Some of us hear Jesus calling us to follow Him in some new way, maybe for the first time, yet we feel our inabilities, our unpreparedness is heavy

Teach us Holy Spirit, Your wisdom, Your truth

Grant us a thirst for your Scriptures and the wisdom of the Church

Bless with mercy those who led and teach; their task is holy

Some of us find ourselves in need of your protection
 - a protection of our health, or well being
 - a protection from those who would do us harm, or from those who would take advantage of us
 - a protection from ourselves

Some of us are waiting
 - in our waiting we find it hard to be patient.  When it's hard to be patient, relationships are strained.  Forgive us for hurrying things up, when we are on Your good time.
- grant to us courage and wisdom in waiting, that we may act well and rest confident in Your goodness.

David also says, I believe I shall see the Goodness of the Lord.  This is our desire.  Lead us in this way to your Glory.  Amen.

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