Saturday, May 07, 2011

Back to blogging

The past few weeks have been packed and my writing on the blog has been non-existent. 
Much of my writing has gone into a project called a turnover notebook. 
As we prepare to move to Kentucky there is an internal motivation to end well here.  Part of ending well is to put in place a knowledge pool that an incoming person can have access to.  That project is in its editing process.
Here's a brief collection of things and thoughts from the past few weeks:

  • I finished the book, "The Hunt for Bin Laden."  I thought I ought to finish it after news of last Sunday.  The book is more than about Bin Laden and gives a broader perspective on the social/cultural environment of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Much to be concerned about coming out of that work and the news this week.
  • I also finished George W. Bush's memoir, "Decision Points."  A few times George notes rightly that history will be able to judge his time in office better than current pundits.  His writing repeats arguments that were offered at the moment when decisions were made, thus there's not much new in his volume.  However the historians fall regarding Bush, it looks like one thing we could say is he was transparent.  He said what he thought and did what he thought he ought to do.  You can or could disagree with him on those fronts, but you didn't have to wonder if he was saying one thing and doing something else. 
  • I'm almost done re-reading C.S. Lewis', Mere Christianity.  I always find this work refreshing.  
  • After our spring break trip Anna decided that we need work on getting healthy.  She began running with the boys.  Now the four of us are putting some miles in every week, training for some upcoming races.
  • Baseball has begun.  Spring in Michigan has been an elongated winter.  The season began amid snow flurries and pools of water where green grass is supposed to be. 
  • Serge is running track, just completed a play and has prom tonight
  • Anna put together a huge garage sale a week ago.  We sold a lot of stuff and have discovered that the bigger the house, the more stuff we collect.  We began de-stuffing, but there's  more to do before we move. 

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