Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparing to Move

In 8 days we will depart Mt. Pleasant and head to the very familiar town of Wilmore, KY.
Packing up and departing is proving to hold it's challenges.
While some of life has been difficult here, the joys and victories have far out paced the challenges. 
Along the way in the packing journey (I have to admit that Anna has done 98% of it, and I've been taking care of ancillary things), I asked Anna which was easier, having a baby or packing to move.  Her reply, "having a baby."
Tonight as we were in a discussion about what we can take to Kentucky and what we'll need to store in our newly acquired 48' long semi-trailer, I screamed out, "let's have a baby." 
That's an impossibility now, so I guess we'll work out the space and pack.

There have been several questions about contracts and things that have come along in the journey.  At times I've felt like we were in a ball of chaos.  But this ball of chaos has mostly been constructed out of the choices we make.  I've begun saying that sometimes our world is filled with the chaos brought on by outside sources, but most of the time the chaos of our lives is a direct result of choices we've made.  Instead of being the captain of our souls, we're the captives.  And yet, chaos is needed at some level.  The ground of our souls needs a good plowing, a good work up, so that the fruit of the Spirit might arise and feed the hungry.

So we plow ahead, disturbing the dirt, making our walk a little more difficult, opening our heart to the Spirit of Jesus.  

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