Saturday, June 25, 2011

With Thee Is My Heart Enthralled

I composed this poem for Anna on Valentine's Day, 2009. 

For all my life, my heart has been enthralled with thee
Your face, your heart, your person - What a surprise!

When just a boy I thought of thee,
Your face was never clear, yet your heart was desired
You who speak with spunk and sing like an angel
You with charms of outer beauty and a fountain of soulful gel

Your charms, dear lover, are many
You have given life to a wonderful family
You display intelligence a plenty

Your charm that conquered my heart is hard to describe
As we courted and intertwined our lives, you’ve seen me bitter tried
You’ve seen me at my best and worst
Your love remains – unfurled
A blanket of bounty, a welcome, a home, and grace

What a surprise! 
Your face, your heart, your person. 
I love thee,
With thee is my heart enthralled. 

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