Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost through October

Planning is something Pastors do. A person cannot go through a class or course in preparing for the vocation of ministry without hearing of the importance of planning.  In preaching courses examples will often be given of planning a year in advance.  This year in the Beeson program, planning has been put on the shelf.  I suppose that helps reinforce the trajectory of the program, a new orientation, an opening of the ears again, a descaling of the eyes to hear and see with newness the story and presence of God, to regain a fresh reliance upon the Father,Son and Holy Spirit.

As my fellow Beeson pastors moved to Wilmore in July we were introduced to a calendar for the year. the calendar was mostly empty.  Our first two classes we had been told would commence at the end of August.  But what was next?  The calendar was blank.  As mid-September arrived we discovered that October would hold three classes. We wondered to one another, how could we do all that is on the calendar? 

The truth is, we couldn't. Not in the way that assignments came at us. Not in a way that honored our families and gave us time to sleep. But thanks be to God. We have had the help of the Holy Spirit. The gift of Wisdom has been encircling us.  Today we begin our final class in the month of October, theology of ministry.  It will be a great wrap up to a month packed full of discovery.  God is good.  

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