Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kyrie's preaching

This week I've been in LA with the Beeson program.  We've been on a very interesting leadership journey.  While I've been away Anna and the kids have continued our after meal practice of praying.  Below is an account Anna sent me about Kyrie's leading.  I find it amazing what a three ear old can capture and display.  Here is what Anna wrote.
Just wanted to let you know that Kyrie wanted to do the prayer at lunch today and she would not stop preaching.  I can't wait for you to experience prayer with Kyrie at the helm.   Today she got the prayer book and had to find her place (everything is very dramatic and takes a long time), then she said to us, "Tell me something about Jesus" and we went around and told a Jesus story.  Then she found another page and said, "Now lets sing the Gloria Patri"  and she proceeded to very loudly lead us in the Gloria.   Then she found another page and said something like, "Jesus died.  Jesus fell asleep and God picked him up.  God told Jesus to breathe.  Jesus was alive.  God was happy."  God told Jesus to breath again.  And God breathed.  Then they went in the fire."  I asked, "Why did they go in the fire?'  She said ,"Because they wanted to get burned."  She had to find a new page for everything she said.  At one point she also said, "Jesus and God were walking on the water and the water was yucky."  It was hilarious.  She was devastated when we had to finally end her service.  I had to distract her to calm her down.  
Thought you might enjoy some theology.  

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