Friday, March 30, 2012

Building from Asia

At Tiananmen Square
Towering Cranes were everywhere as we scanned the skies in Beijing, Sozhou, and Shanghai. Overcome with amazement at the scale of the tremendous building boom I pointed it out to my traveling companions, some 30 scholars and spouses, and thus I picked up a new nickname - Towering Crane.

The Cranes and the buildings were not alone in drawing our attention while on our journey in China and Korea. We were there to notice and explore the culture, learn from leaders of a kingdom that is not of this world, and ultimately listen for the voice of the kind Father.

From the culture, we discovered traditional and cosmopolitan (local and global) streams intermingling. We visited market areas in Beijing and Shanghai, experiencing shopping among the marginalized and the cosmopolitan. We ate traditional dishes, including Chairman Mao's favorite, discovering similarities and differences to our own tastes. We made home visits in Korea and were showered with extreme hospitality for the act of visiting.

In the Forbidden City
From leaders we heard about perseverance, especially in prayer. Many of the leaders talked about hindrances and obstacles they have faced. Some leaders lead large organizations and others smaller ones, each has faced unique and significant setbacks. In the face of obstacles a spirit of perseverance,  a shifting of expectations, and finding new solutions arise as the leaders turn in prayer to the kind Father.  

From the Father we continued to hear about his forging Kingdom that does not wither when confronted with worldly might. We heard about his transformation in the hearts of the powerless and powerful as grace and mercy counter injustice and ridicule. We hear his bidding, asking us to commit our knees to prayer, our hands of service to the world, and our hearts to Him alone. 

In the land of towering cranes we encountered towering faith and a work by the Father that is more than amazing.

You can read more about the trip on the Travelogue page. 

Early Morning in Beijing - Notice the smog

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