Monday, March 12, 2012

Preparing for a journey

This Wednesday, Anna and I will join with other Beeson scholars and spouses for an immersion trip to Asia.  We are looking forward to the conversations and the cultural experience. I am excited that Anna is able to join us on this journey. She has been our lead learner in our home preparing for the trip. She has immersed herself in knowing about what we should expect with regard to infrastructure, deli's, markets and the like.

While we are away our kids will remain in Wilmore. A good friend from Michigan is coming to being the week and then our mothers will come in to cover the remainder of the time. We are thankful and blessed for their contribution to this journey. We return March 26th.

The trip is marked by a tinge of sadness. One of the families in our cohort has a set of parents in Korea. They are taking their kids to visit their Korean grandparents for three months. Aravis and Kyrie have said a tearful goodbye to a very good friend.  It is a reminder that our program is nearing the end.

With the end fast approaching there are three concerns we talk about each day: 1) where we're going to live next, 2) how is the dissertation going, and 3) what are the last class assignments. The conversations come in that order of priority. We are thankful for the prayers of our friends who lift us up to "the kind Father." In this liminal moment we are waiting with expectation for the call to "follow me" in a particular place. We identify with ancients who could be at rest and at the same time, be restless in the care of the "kind Father."

These are days when we are preparing for many journeys, all converging at the same time. Kind Father, be our guide.

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