Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anna's Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We have had quite the adventure in 2012!  From Jason’s Beeson year including a trip to China and South Korea in March, to an incredible family trip out west in June with stops in Michigan for my Grandpa’s funeral and to see family and friends, Pennsylvania for a special wedding, and finally our big move to Missouri where Jason is now Pastor of Discipleship at Schweitzer United Methodist Church in Springfield (
It has been a joyful and exhausting journey filled with laughter as well as tears.  We have said goodbye to friends and family but have been heartily welcomed by new friends in Southwest Missouri where we look forward to putting down roots.  The Leininger homestead sits on 10 acres in the Ozarks between Springfield and Strafford and has provided excitement for everyone including Alli the tractor who rejoined the family in November.  
We appreciate all of you and pray for joy and peace in your lives and in our world this Christmas. 


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