Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Grown Up Christmas List - No More Lives Torn Apart

Asa after looking out at the battle field at Little Big Horn.

During Advent Schweitzer UMC is using the song Grown Up Christmas List as a thematic element in worship planning. Accompanying our bulletins is a devotional guide. I was asked to reflect on the text from Isaiah for the first week. That writing is what follows.

No More Lives Torn Apart & Wars Would Never Start
Isaiah 61.1-4,7

Taking a tour of the northern mid-west one of the sights we stopped at in eastern Montana was The Battle of Little BigHorn. The battle location is a
National Park with a museum and monuments on the hills. After a historical presentation we walked among the monuments, we saw the markers that displayed where those who fought fell in battle. On the beautiful, windy, wide open prairie our souls ached for the story that was historical and yet so vividly close. Our eyes could see the lasting effects of lives torn apart. We gave expression as we drove away; we hope this does not happen again.

Isaiah the prophet wrote in the midst of a horrific battle. He wrote when history was being made and Israel was being torn apart. He carried a prayer for the people, that the tragedy would end. Along the way The Lord filled Isaiah with a message and a promise, of a deliverer who would bring healing, freedom, joy, and a beautiful land. The promise begins to be unwrapped in Jesus. In some spaces we experience the fruit of Jesus' work. Sitting atop Little Big Horn we found ourselves waiting and praying for the fullness of the promise. The Kingdom has broken in, yet we wait and pray for it to come in totality. 

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